Britain’s Guide to Q Anon

While awareness of Q anon is reaching tipping point in the US, elsewhere it remains confined to sparsely organised groups of global anons in constituent countries. That is understandable as the topic of focus for Q anon invariably focuses on the US but also pulls in international actors as you will see. In saying that

The Most Blatant Coup In American History

It started as most scandals in history tend to; a media furor around some public official doing something bad. Something, really bad. Donald Trump was reported to have abused his position by strong arming newly elected President of Ukraine, President Zelensky to give him dirt on his political opponent Joe Biden so he could lance

Warwickshire Council Sex Education Concern

Dear reader, my name is Citizen J and I am currently undertaking a deep investigation in to the behaviour of Warwickshire Council and Warwickshire schools specifically related to the following programmes: “Spring Fever” “All About Me” “Respect Yourself” There has been considerable concern expressed about these programmes and there are also concerns related to the

Labour MP dismisses child sex abuse justice as a “populist agenda”

Dame Margaret Hodge MP recently delivered an annual Mishcon lecture on government transparency for UCL laws. Professor Meg Russell chaired a Q & A session at the end of the lecture which included a question from an advocate for “Islington Survivors”, a network of people supporting victims of institutional child sexual abuse in Islington. The