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While awareness of Q anon is reaching tipping point in the US, elsewhere it remains confined to sparsely organised groups of global anons in constituent countries. That is understandable as the topic of focus for Q anon invariably focuses on the US but also pulls in international actors as you will see. In saying that however I have noticed quite a few calls in the UK for understanding what it actually is and whether it is real or is it, as Q likes to say, “all for a larp”?

They never thought she would lose

A Q Anon meme pertaining to some of the themes disseminated by Q

At the time of writing I have only known about Q anon for about five months. I am currently completing a masters in nutrition and we were tasked with giving a presentation on Kellogg’s flaked corn company. Knowing that corruption would never be far away I started looking in to the history of it and discovered that our entire food system has been co opted by what is essentially a faux Christian cult with suspiciously Masonic underpinnings known as “Seventh Day Adventists”. It was looking in to that which saw me tumbling down the rabbit warren of Q anon.

What or who is Q Anon?

This guide is not intended to give you anything like the sum total of all things Q nor is it intended to answer all of your questions. Q leaves people with far more questions than he answers. The format itself mostly comes in the form of questions of a Socratic nature.

The first post that Q ever made
The 2nd post that Q ever made
The 3rd post that Q ever made

Nobody really knows whether Q is a single person or a team of people. It is likely a team of people with one person dropping the intel on anonymous posting boards. It is my personal belief that Q anon is the biggest military intel drop in human history. What we are witnessing is access to intel that would normally only be reserved for the highest echelons of the military or secret service operations. In fact, what we are witnessing is access to intel that most secret service agencies world over do not want us to know about. As you look in to it and research for yourself it will become obvious why they do not want you to know about what Q is pointing us towards.

A photograph posted by Q of soldiers organised in a Q formation

Rewriting history

One of the themes Q orients people towards is what he refers to as the “13 bloodlines”. These bloodlines are assumed to be family units who have a history that can be traced back to the days of the bible and possibly right back to the days of Gilgamesh. The bloodlines are fairly easily researched and while looking you will learn stories about the Knights Templar, the formation of Free Masonry, the suspect history of the Vatican and the Holy Grail. Looking in to this alone will help you realise that the history we tend to be presented with is far from the only interpretation of what has actually been happening. Expect to have your eyes opened widely on this aspect alone.

Dig Meme Pray

Another aspect to Q is the reorientation of moving people away from being passive consumers of information to being active participants creating information. The culture we have grown up in is geared towards absorbing what we are told is good and to idolise money, wealth, power and status. Hollywood would be the archetypal context in which we have been taught to worship people as gods. We go to work and we unwind by watching TV which transmits propaganda for us to embody and live out in our daily lives. We watch the news to be told what is happening. It is a culture that encourages you to give every ounce of your personal power away to others. Your thoughts, your money, the shirt from your back, all of the messages we receive are about relinquishing our independence in subservience to higher status people who tell us who we are, what we are to believe and how we are to act.

Q flips the script. Through the dropping of “crumbs” Q gives just enough information to pique your interest and masterfully frames his questions to guide your attention that pierces the bubble of deception we are fed. Through the stoking of curiosity with military precision anons are compelled to start “digging” to find out what the story behind the story is. It is simply mind blowing to find yourself down one of these rabbit holes for the first time and is commonly referred to as being “red pilled”. With people operating independently and thinking for themselves “mocking bird media” is quickly revealed to be the “enemy of the people” that it is.

Learn the Comms

One frequent task that Q encourages anons to carry out is to “learn the comms”. I will not be giving you an in depth guide to the comms here, just enough background to understand what Q means. Q does not use cryptography for communication. Q’s comms overwhelmingly operate within the stenographic domain. Taking this approach makes it harder for hostile forces to figure out what Q is saying and it also creates plausible deniability if anything goes sideways.

It is in the comms and decoding of the comms where anons are mocked the most. Without having an understanding how stenography works it looks like conspiracy theory on steroids. Serial Brain 2 posts can look particularly different at first pass and even I had trouble taking them seriously. While some of what he says might seem a stretch, the only way you can know for yourself is to learn the comms and find out. To discount a method of discerning information just because you do not understand how to do it is a silly thing to do. Just because you do not understand algebra it does not mean that algebra is wrong or silly. It just looks silly to you. Learn the comms.

Q proofs

Q and President Trump leave many drops of intel known as “proofs”. These are intended to show you that Q is the real deal and that Q really is working closely with the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Q has iterated many times that while one or two proofs can easily be written off as coincidence, put them together and the coincidences reach a critical mass of mathematical impossibility. Proofs include things the President says or does, items or contexts referring to Q posts, Tweets/Retweets, “Time Stamps”, “Deltas” and events reported on in the media.

Q is the 17th number of the alphabet. 17, numbers adding up to seventeen, and clues pointing towards 17 crop up all of the time. It’s one of the easiest Q proofs that you can keep an eye out for yourself without having to learn the more advanced mechanics of Q’s stenography. Learning the comms also allows you to join in the fun of what President Trump is actually doing when he tweets and speaks. While mocking bird media is hysterical about his spelling mistakes or memes, anons are usually laughing their assess off as they are privy to the wicked and playful sense of humour that President Trump has.

Digital army

Q’s effectiveness as a military operation relies on citizens who value their freedom. War is expensive and while it is profitable for the warmongers there is no way anyone can take America on in terms of firepower. It just isn’t happening. So how do you make America fall?

You subject them to heavy amounts of propaganda convincing them to despise everything they are and everything they stand for. You occupy schools and universities, capture the media to intensify the brainwashing and create NGO’s that act with impunity while being funded by the American tax payer. You enslave American citizens through the financial system and create emergencies in order for people to beg and campaign to give their own freedom away. You tell women it is empowering to be a prostitute and you tell men they are simply disgusting for the committing the high crime of being born male.

You open up the borders to your country while using educational institutions and the media tell people they are racist if they show concern. You create hate speech policies to silence the public and you take law abiding citizens guns away so they cannot protect themselves from hostile agents. You create the political persuasion technique known as post modernism and watch people’s ability to make sense crash through the floor of sanity.

The “long march through the institutions” was a generations long plan to break the spiritual spine of America and the western world in general. If hostile forces crack the Judaeo-Christian value system, and they are close, then America is in free fall along with the rest of the western world not that far behind. This is why the mocking bird media and educational institutions create such intense fear and panic around the concept of being a patriot. Patriotism has always been a threat to satanic globalists who are positioning to enslave humanity for demonic purposes.

By giving people back their personal power, ability to think and act freely, encouraging logic and reason to cut through the hypnotic programming, Q inoculates the public against this modern psychological warfare that is being used against them. Finding the information for yourself also gives you the opportunity of directly experiencing how fake the fake news actually is. If we or Q simply tried to tell you, you would probably just write it off as an insane conspiracy theory. By pointing you towards the information and finding out for yourself you get front row seats to your very own mind blowing show.

The most accessible source for finding out more about Q anon is It has a searchable database of Q drops and select Q proofs that are not too advanced for beginners. The best place to start will be with “Global Themes” which map out the main story arcs in play for sniffing the rotten deep state out of our world and out of our lives.

This should be enough background to be confident that Q anon has got nothing to do with what the main stream media portrays it as. It’s not even close. If you are reading this off the back of some news piece on Q and have come away with an entirely different internal narrative then congratulations, you have just had your first red pill. Buckle your seatbelts, trust the plan and enjoy the show.

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