Warwickshire Council Sex Education Concern

A call out for information from concerned parents and teachers related to Warwickshire Councils sex education programmes

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Dear reader, my name is Citizen J and I am currently undertaking a deep investigation in to the behaviour of Warwickshire Council and Warwickshire schools specifically related to the following programmes:

“Spring Fever”

“All About Me”

“Respect Yourself”

There has been considerable concern expressed about these programmes and there are also concerns related to the behaviour of Warwickshire council/schools themselves regarding how the programmes have been presented to parents.

I am looking for any information relating to any three of these programmes including but not limited to the following:

Class materials

Childrens work books and childrens work

Feedback from children themselves

Explicit consent or lack of consent offered by schools or the council when discussing or delivering the programmes

Any changes in your or any child’s behaviour following the delivery of these programmes that caused concern

Details of any meetings that were had with any schools, teachers regarding the programmes either before or after delivery of the programmes

Any and all curriculum resources related to the programme

Please E mail these details with appropriate attachments.


Please note that I can add a “drag and drop” function to my website and if that would make the information easier for you to deliver please do let me know and I will offer that functionality.

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